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Get to know our work proposal on this virtual platform and get to know our professionals.
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Fitness instructor and founder

Creator and founder of this virtual class platform, Professor Marco Buonomo has 32 years of vast experience and background in the fitness world. He studied Physical Education at Gama Filho University and some specializations Certified Spinning Reebok University, Certified of Aerobics Expert Rating, Certified Personal Trainer Expert Rating. He is known in the universe of academies in the USA and Brazil and has at this moment the great objective of implementing his knowledge in a new format for virtual group and private classes . The goal is to give you a mix of physical activities with a team of quality professionals, for the convenience and safety of students .

 "You can lose weight quickly doing other stuff but you're not going to keep it off if you don't maintain lean muscle mass"

                     Our Team

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Get inspired by real people

If you want to feel good, challenge yourself to get more fit and look healthy - Marco Buomono is your guide. I have been with Marco for more than four years and I am constantly surprised to continue improving my flexibility, balance and. . . you can still wear sleeveless dresses! This is your path to great health!

H. Frances Reaves,


"Marco is the best! He is so supportive of helping each and every individual he teaches or trains to ensure that they are doing everything correctly and teaching them the right skills. A beautiful person! His contagious laugh fills the room with this huge personality of joy! To finish, especially in these difficult times, he offered wonderful classes practically so that everyone can have fun and stay healthy! I am happy to call Marquinho a friend and teacher! I love you my friend !! "

Grace Hutson


I have known Marco for over 16 years. The experience and guidance that Marco has provided me over the years has kept me progressing consistently. Your updates and redesign of my sessions gave me the results I always expected. In addition, his strength and energy are incredible, making his group lessons in Brazilian Sculpture and Spinning more fun and engaging. Over the years, it has helped me develop a new attitude and an impulse to stay healthy. For that, I am forever grateful!

Elena Echeverria


“Marco is an incredible coach, as well as an even bigger person! There are no bad days for him, always with a lot of energy, a big smile and a great knowledge about responsible and very effective work outs. Group classes, personal classes, weight lifting, functional classes, it's over! I couldn't be in better hands. Every time we have classes, he pushes me further towards my goals and expects a lot from me, which keeps me super motivated and happy with the results. "

Helena Damato


"A long friendship that has been changing over time. We became friends with the profession. Professor Marco Buonomo has extensive experience in the famous gym located in Rio. This experience in Brazil, added to his learning in the USA, certainly provides a significant differential in his training in front of the Fitness scene in Miami. Good luck. Hug. "

Mauricio Marinho


" Marco is more than a coach to all of his clients. He brings all his energy and love to the class and instantly become a friend. I meet marco long time ago. He took care of me even on my pregnancies, making sure I was doing it  right to keep my health up. Decades after, I am still here doing his classes. Marco is always bringing new exercises, new equipments, great music and make us feeling better all day long. "

Geysa Guarconi

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