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Holidays Weight Gain

Trays of cookies and tins of assorted popcorn at work. Holiday parties laden with sugary desserts. Family gatherings with tables overloaded with turkey or ham, all kinds of potatoes, and buttery rolls. There’s no way around it: The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s pose all kinds of challenges for anyone trying to maintain a healthy weight. The average weight gain during this time period is anywhere from 0.8 pounds to just under 2 pounds, Where that can start to become a problem is when that extra pound or two sticks around after the holidays, and is on repeat year after year. A pound every December can turn into 10 pounds in a decade. People who are already overweight and obese gain more weight than those who are at a healthy weight, and when considering average weight gain over a year, holiday weight is the major contributor to annual excess weight gain. You don't wanna play this Xmas game? You migh need to have another approche at this timer of the year. I know everybodys desire; it is like : “What’s important is our mindset,” or “Life is short and we need to enjoy it. It's alright to just let it go but try to don't abuse. Food is more than fuel and calories, especially during this time of year. It’s tradition, it’s memories, it’s culture, it’s social connection, it’s family, it’s love. Rather than viewing holiday eating through a lens of denial and saying ‘No', "I suggest focusing on being present to enjoy what you’re doing, including what you are eating, while trying to make the best choices you can.” Happy Holydays!

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